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Welcome to Bongaon High School

After starting its journey as a Middle English(M.E)School in 1864, Bongaon High School has witnessed so many ups and downs of Indian History. But it has never forgotten its high ideals of kindling the light of knowledge even in the darkest corner of the society. In 1886 when the school was recognised as Higher English(H.E)School by the British Government of that time, a new era of education dawned in Bongaon, one of the remotest sub-divisions of undivided Bengal as well as India. Bongaon Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya , the oldest college of this sub-division, first started its voyage using the premises of this school.

The classes were held in the Red Building which is now a part of the heritage of Bongaon town. The first floor of this house is now being used as an archive of Bongaon High School. The glory of a school lies not only in its history but also in the success of its students. During the last 157 years the result of the students in Board and Council exams has scripted the name of this school in golden letters in the pages of history of education in West Bengal.

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