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About Us

About us

Welcome to Bongaon High School

The Bongaon High School has been a place of excellence in education in the Sub-Division of Bongaon commencing its educational journey in 1864 in pursuance of the Wood's Despatch during the British era. Subsequently, it was elevated to a High-English School in 1886 under the University of Calcutta. Many famous and renowned personalities have passed out of this school with brilliance. Many of them have been performing their duties with honour and prestige in the several spheres in various parts of the world.

Renowned novelist and story-writer Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyapadhyay who wrote the world famous fiction 'Pather Panchali' was a student of this school. Bibhutibhusan was admitted to this institution in 1908 as a student of class V. In his time Charuchandra Mukhapadhyay was a Headmaster of this school. He had been the Headmaster from 1894 to 1919. Bibhutibhusan passed the Matriculation Examination of the University of Calcutta in the first Division in 1914.

Khagendranath Chakraborty stood first in the Matriculation Examination in 1911 raising the glory of the school to a very prestigious position. In the undivided Bengal Bongaon H.E. School played a very significant role in spreading education in the then rural Bengal. She created an ambience of incitement and enthusiasm in such a level that students from different districts came to study here. They were accommodated in the school hostel. The general people of the sub-division came forward extending their co-operation in making her an academy of repute.

Many a student coning out of this school have established the selves in their own fields in the national and international sphere. Khagendranath Chakraborty became the head of the department of mathematics in Presidency Colloge. Sudhi Pradhan in a dignified personality in Bengali Drama and its research was a student of this school. Bireswar bandhyopadhyay was the head of the Departmental of Geography in University of Calcutta. Satyen Chakraborty dedicated his life to the service of the motherland while organizing a labour movement in the Oil Refiney at Digbuoy in Assam. He raised a protest movement against the exploitation of the British Government. Dr. Sanjib Ghosh an internationally famous teacher in Geography passed the matriculation examination in 1941. Though an Octogenarian he is now teaching in the Ohio University in the U.S.A. His books on different topics of geography have became authentic. His fundamental research work have shown a new horizon in the world of Geography.

Dr. Rathindranarayan Basu, an eminent scientist in Agriculture, became the Vice-chancellor is the University of Calcutta. He was the much interested in the study of environmental science. An anthology written on different topics of environment by the famous writers was edited by him. Dr. Ashokenath Basu , a physicist served the University of Jadavpur as Vice-chancellor for a period of Eight years. Chittaranjan Bandhyopadhyay was the president of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Dr. Dipak Mondal, a very successful teacher in Chemistry had his post –doctoral reserches in the U.S.A. . He is , now serving in the presidency UniversityDr. Ashoke Kumar Biswas has been serving the Ballygunge Science College as the teacher in Botany.

In addition to this, innumerable doctors, engineers, officer and other professionals are successfully working in the country and abroad They have glorified their Almamatter by their selfless service in the respective fields. This institution keep a vigilant eye over the the co curricular and cultural activities of the students. Not only education , but the mental make up of the learners in respect of culture is carefully watched by the school. The school is is a societyminiature in form. So the sense of responsibility, dignity of labour duty of a student, humanityand the sence of nationalism, eradication of illiteracy, abolition superstitions, formation of moral values co-operation , the sense of patriotism are well inculcated in the sninds of the learners in view of making them good citizens.With a view to expanding western education to a limited section of people, the British framed an educational policy in India and set up a few schools, college and Universities in the fifties of the 19th century for the interest of their own political purpose. But Bengal without any assistance and support from the British, took initiatives in establishing so that the common people in the nural areas could be interested in western languages, thoughts and politics, the concept of ''right of self determination, democracy, equality, justice nationalism etc.''

In this perspective the people of Bongaon came forward to Act up[ Bongaon ME School in March 1864. Gangacharan Chattapadhyay donated the land where the school is standing now. The Classroom had mnd wall and the house was a thatched one. Once a devastating fire engulfed the entire house and all the necessary papers and teaching aids were reduced to ashes. But it did not matter. People with new enthusiasm and incitement built it up again . We came to know that Gopal Chandra Bandyopadhyay Roysaheb Bisnucharan Dutta, C. Quinee the first Sub-divisional Magistrate were directly involved in stablishing this school. The plan of the brickbuilt house was approved by the superintending Engineer, Jessore in 1902 and the construction of the Building was completed by 1904. On the day of the execution of Biplabi Kshudiram the students of the school along with the teachers rallied round the town barefooted.